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your elder scrolls online guide makes leveling easy begins with eso-strategy-guide

Life’s too short to waste your days on GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND.

Remember, you’re a GAMER … not an IMMORTAL.

Truth is, the quicker and smarter you can level up your Elder Scrolls Online builds, the more you’ll get out of the game.

If you’re lucky, you may even have time for an IRL life.

Take Bob from Connecticut, for example.

(And let’s be clear here … as an RPG GAMER, you’re OK with the concept of interacting with FANTASY CHARACTERS who DON’T EXIST … so you’ll have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER in understanding that what follows is ENTIRELY MADE UP.)

Ok, so … back to Bob from California.

(See — Bob is quite clearly FICTIONAL because he just moved house from one side of the US to the other in the space of like ZERO SECONDS.)

Anyways, here’s what Bob has to say about the ADVANTAGES of leveling up your ESO builds quickly and smartly …

“As a committed pizza fiend, I appreciate regular walks out to the store to fetch pizza. Two reasons for this. First, I like pizza … like, a LOT. Second, walking is real cool exercise for a fat guy. Problem I got is that every time I want pizza, I gotta quit my favorite game to walk to the store. That’s why anything that helps me level up quick and smart is so cool. With the right kinda strategies I can save myself so much time I can maybe go fetch two pizzas. What’s not to like about discovering cool shortcuts?”

It’s tempting to nod along with Bob in agreement here — but DON’T.

You’ll merely be exercising your neck muscles in response to a TOTAL PHANTOM.

What really counts is how you interact with your FAVORITE GAME … which I’m guessing is Elder Scrolls Online


I’m also guessing that you spend most of your gaming time engaged in one of two key activities.

1) Multitasking the online action with forum tips, cheats and shortcuts that are impossible to find and never actually work.

2) Battling fictional monsters in an equally fictional landscape in the guise of a totally made-up hero or heroine whose sole pathway to power and advancement depends on acquiring ever more impressive fictional armor and weapons, alongside picking your way through 100% fabricated progression trees for crafting non-existent items & potions, acquiring powers that don’t exist, and gaining levels according to an arbitrary scale probably invented by a Harvard math grad.

See, because that VOIDSTONE ORE you so desperately need to power up that colossal axe of yours DOESN’T EXIST.

And neither does the axe.

So why are you sweating furiously, night after night, on a hardcore GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND mission that’s getting you NOPLACE?

The answer, of course, is that you REALLY LOVE Elder Scrolls Online — and the number one reason you LOVE IT SO MUCH is precisely because it’s ENTIRELY MADE UP.

That’s why RPG is SO AWESOME!

It’s also why we gotta stop you wasting time on all those lame forum “shortcuts”.

Life’s too short to be permanently AFK!

Especially if all the tips and cheats take forever to find … and SUCK!

Wouldn’t it be better to have all the time-saving ESO Strategy Guide deets in one place where you can find ‘em real easy?

And by deets, we’re talking Elder Scrolls Online Guides packed with strategies for advancing your character … that kinda work?

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